Adventure Ride

An enjoyable two-day adventure tour in the beautiful mountains of Corinth and Achaia. A premium experience that provides you with a complete package so you don't have to worry about anything other than riding your off road travel motorcycle! A group with a maximum number of riders of 12 with navigator and tail guide, a group that will cross beautiful dirt tracks and "play" in points of interest for the most active riders. Riding tips will be provided throughout the ride while photo stops will be made at places of special natural beauty. Always with the safety of a closed group and the support vehicle that will cover our backs at all times, alongside the route for any possible help!
Adventure Ride offers you the pleasure of riding safely, training and having a good time!

Leader - navigator: Karampelas Kimon


From Athens
Total: 532km
Starting from Elefsina:
1st day: 201Km ( dirt 131Km)
Finish to Elefsina:
2nd day: 277km ( dirt 123km)


Dual purpose 50-50 to 100% dirt tyres

Difficulty level

Easy dirt forest roads with spots of medium difficulty


  • Navigator - Guide
  • Tail guide
  • Closed group
  • Riding tips
  • Number plate sticker with the name of the rider
  • Vehicle for technical support and luggage transport
  • Tour organization costs
  • GPS map (GPX file) for each day
  • Accommodation in a luxury 3-star hotel with breakfast
  • Two main meals
  • Snack - waters


  • Date: 1 and 2 July 2023
  • Starting point: Elefsina Toll Road 
  • Elefsina - Ancient Corinth: Via national road 
  • Day 1: Ancient Corinth - Kalentzi - Stimaga - Kastraki - Krioneri - Mogostos - Velina - Ano Trikala - Karya
  • Duration of Day 1 (approximately): 9 hours, including stops (snacks, resupply-refuel, photos)
  • Accommodation: Karyatis Resort 
  • Day 2: Karya - Lake Dasiou - Messino - Lake Doxa - Zarouchla - Helmos - Lake Tsivlou (end of ride)
  • Day 2 duration to finish (approximately): 8 hours, including stops (snacks, resupply-refuel, photos)
  • Return Lake Tsivlou - Elefsina: Via national road
  • Main meals are served at the end of each day (inform us about eating habits)


  • Maximum number of entries: 12
  • Participation is for one (1) rider with his motorcycle (the route is not suitable for a second rider)
  • Travel enduro, adventure, on-off motorcycles of all companies from 500cc and above can participate in the adventure ride
  • Minimum fuel range: 120km
  • Check the mechanical condition of your motorcycle
  • Backpack required
  • Waterproof
  • Motorcycle tools (if any)
  • Possibility of transporting extra equipment from the support vehicle

Three bedroom

250€ / person

Share it with your friends

Double bedroom

€270 / person

Stay with your ''bestie''

Single bedroom

300€ / person

Be a King