Enduro & Adventure Seminar

On the 2nd and 3rd of September, Enduro Skills in collaboration with the 2 Stroke Squad Team, is organizing two separate riding seminars for enduro lovers and for adventure/on-off motorcycle riders!

Saturday 2/9/23


A day dedicated to enduro lovers!

After analyzing all the basic theory around enduro riding and setting up our bike, we will practice improving our technique. The menu includes balance exercises, body posture on all inclines with absolute clutch-throttle control, natural obstacles, turning process, fast driving techniques and many more that aim to raise our level.
But the best is for last, there will be a short ride in real enduro conditions with the experienced members of the 2 Stroke Squad as navigators! There we will put into practice everything we saw and play in places of particular interest, raising the fun to the highest!

Instructor - head: Karampelas Kimon

* The course is aimed at all levels of riders

* Enduro and motocross bikes of all displacements accepted, regardless of bike brand

* Full enduro rider gear required (helmet, chest, gloves, boots, etc.)

What's included
  • One-day seminar
  • Participation: 15 people
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Theoretical lesson
  • Setting up a motorcycle
  • Static exercises
  • Practical exersises
  • Body posture
  • Basic enduro control techniques on slopes
  • Enduro route (ride)
  • Snacks - water
  • Participation souvenir
  • Cost: €70 including VAT

Sunday 3/9/23

Adventure day for everyone!

Come with your adventure or travel enduro motorcycle and develop your off-road riding skills. The theory part will help you understand the basic principle of off-road riding and then the practical practice will give you all the confidence you need. The program is designed for all levels of riders, so it is suitable for those who are making their introduction to the off road world but also for those who want to develop their knowledge. Static weight-relief exercises, upright riding position, slope changes, on-site turns with absolute control and crossing technical parts are some of what we will see together.
Like with the enduro guys on Saturday, we will make a short adventure route! The purpose is to work on everything we said and to close the day, full of fun and new experiences!

Instructor - head: Karampelas Kimon

*The seminar is aimed at all levels of riders

* Adventure / travel enduro motorcycles of all displacements are accepted, regardless of the motorcycle brand

* All types of tires are accepted (dirt tyres are preferred)

* Rider equipment required (helmet, gloves, full enduro equipment or jacket and pants with protection , motorcycle boots or enduro boots)

What's included
  • One day seminar
  • Participation: 12 people
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Theoretical lesson
  • Motorcycle preparation tips
  • Static exercises
  • Practical training
  • Body posture
  • Basic off road riding techniques
  • Control on inclines
  • Adventure route (ride)
  • Snack - waters
  • Participation souvenir
  • Cost: €90 including VAT